Monday, October 4, 2010

Rejected From Jury Service - Court Says "Your Legs Are Whiiiiiiiite"

He that would make his own liberty secure, must guard even his enemy from opposition; for if he violates this duty he establishes a precedent that will reach himself.  -- Thomas Paine First Principles of Government (1795)

I protest denial of serving as juror at the citizenrie's courts.  

I had informed my co-workers I would be absent Monday morning.  I'm anticipating this, looking forward eagerly to participate in the third, the most powerful vote.

Options for travel to the Crowley building --

A one-way free???? bus pass attached to the Jury Summons? - negative - Without changing buses, I'd only be in downtown Dallas - I'd still have to cross Stemmons on foot and then would have no ride to work after jury service. 

Suzuki Sausage? - negative - Rent (at a reduced rate) would be charged to store the motorcycle at Frank Crowley. I'm thinking CHEAP.

I decided to use my primary mode of transportation - my brother's Schwinn - fast, quiet, inexpensive, chicks dig it. 

Yesterday evening: I check the tires on the Schwinn for air and mentally prepared to cycle through downtown Dallas and the construction about the Woodall Rogers / Stemmons / Commerce intersection.
The Jury Summons reads contradictally "Time: 8:30 AM" and "arrive early". What time is my appointment?

This morning: Considering what I can carry on the bicycle.  
I'm required to leave behind the folding knife that is almost continually in my pocket or attached to my belt. I shelve the thin, metal book marker I've been using and replace it with an old, plastic retail store discount card.  Better to be perceived non-threatening. 

I leave home at 0730 after adding together ride time, searching out an anchor to secure the bike and finding the Central Jury Room.  I'm wearing the first cloth gloves and jacket of the fall to ward off the morning chill.  

West on Elm Street through downtown as fast as the cars, I leave the bus lane occasionally to pass a stopped vehicle.  I feel like a bike messenger with my small satchel of book, reading glasses, plastic money, door key, cell phone, and court document riding low on my back.  The sunscreen bottle carabines from a brake cable. 

I'm exhilarated - the Schwinn and I cruise speedily, make lights and exit the street for the sidewalk at the grassy knoll. Rolling under Stemmons I scan for the best point to cross Riverfront Boulevard (perhaps kayak ferry?).

A few pedestrians are jaywalking west across Riverfront from a Pay Me Parking Lot towards the Rocky Balboa training stairs outside Frank Crowley.  I cross with them walking the bike. Below Frank Crowley, they climb, I reconnoiter both South and North unsuccessfully before deciding to drag the bike up the stairs. I cable it to a light pole and follow The Gathering indoors.  

At the Security checkpoint - I prepare to baritone "Kunte Kinte" if asked my name.   
"If you're wearing a belt, please remove it."calls a uniformed employee at the checkpoint. We are denied the right to lawful defense.

One entrant sparks an alarm signal and without so much as a "by your leave" a Uniform invades his space to probe the air around him with a scanning device. I pass without incident and follow the crowd to the compliance line forming beneath a sign, Central Jury Room.

Greeter/Security ignores the Jury Summons I'm holding forward saying and pointing "You're in shorts, go through that door".  I comply, wait in another line until called.

"Next, please.  Shorts.  We'll reschedule for same time, Monday, December Sixth. You'll receive another notification by mail. You didn't happen to bring long pants with you ?"
The look on my face apparently says "No".  Disappointed, I leave the Crowley building, retrieve the Schwinn, ride,push and carry it through construction, medians, rocks, dried mud, concrete until close enough to American Airlines center to grab the Katy Trail.  Flowers on the trail side tell me she has died.

This story has only begun.  
Next adventure starts December 6th.


Must I wear a burka? 

Are my legs less attractive than those whose legs were also uncovered?  (it's rhetorical damn it.)

I saw bare arms, bare legs, bare faces and these. 

Does my appearance signify that I am too rebellious for mandation?

Would a utilikilt have been verboten ?

The Jury Summons

I asked Debra to photon record me when I reached my employment geo.  The expression shows my emotional displeasure and heart rate.  I was so looking forward to serving as a juror.

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