Thursday, October 28, 2010

The Dallas City Council Should Be FIRED

The Dallas City Council Should Be FIRED !!!

Code Compliance
Dallas Garage & Estate Sale Listings
Effective October 1, 2010 a Garage Sale Permit
is required Before conducting a garage sale.
Garage Sale sign
Why do I need a permit for my garage sale?
A permit is required to better regulate and enforce the garage sale provisions and promote Clean, Safe and Vibrant Neighborhoods. 


Isn’t it incredible that, despite all the historical evidence to the contrary, that anyone can still believe that the founders would’ve fought a long, cruel, bloody war just to exchange one central, overpowering government for another? -- Andrew Nappi


...opposition to a heavy-handed government is not evidence of “greed” or of the absurd belief that human beings are not “part of a larger community.” -- Don Boudreaux

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