Monday, October 25, 2010

News Flash - Allen Vaught Is A Republican ??!!

I spoke to Allen Vaught Saturday morning 10-23-10 
during early voting at

[Tim driving, 555 passenger, enter the parking lot]

Tim:  [referring to a gentleman standing strategically 100' from the poll door, centered to intercept voters walking inside] 
Do you know who that is? [excited NOT]

555:                                                     No. Who?

Tim:                          That's State Rep 107 Allen Vaught. 
                                             I'm gonna talk to him.

[Tim parks, exits auto and walks towards AV]

AV:                                                     Good morning, sir. 
                                                  I'd like for you to vote for me,  
                                      Allen Vaught, to be your State Representative.

Tim: [stops, stands to talk] 
                                            What is your political affiliation?

AV:                                        I'm proud to have a D by my name.

Tim:                                           What is your response to the spending 
                                                of the Washington D.C. Democrats?

AV:                                                Sir, I work in Austin.

Tim: thought- "this guy thinks I'm confused.... or he thinks I'm ..... never mind.
Tim:                                            Mr. Vaught, I know where you work.  
                                                        That wasn't the question.  
                                                       Name two... no ... name one 
                                           program you would eliminate to cut spending...

AV:                                                    I can't do that on my own.

TL:                                                     Role play with me.  
                                                     Pretend you're the Emperor.  
                                                        If you could hit a button and 
                                                     eliminate a Texas government program 
                                                           which would you choose ? "

AV:                                I would eliminate the Department of Transportation.

T:                                                  You would eliminate the Texas 
                                                  Department of Transportation.?

AV:  (backpedaling)                      I didn't say I would eliminate all of it.

Tim:                                                Put that on your web site.  
                                                   I want to see that on your web 
                                                         site tomorrow morning.

AV:  (shaking head slowly"no" for emphasis and speaking softly, as to a child)  
                                    Sir, I'm not gonna put that on my web site.

[More small talk as T and 555 walk into the building to vote. AV holds position]

-a few minutes pass-

[T and 555 walk from inside to the parking lot to leave]

AV: [to Tim]                                 Sir, I know you've said you'll never
                                                vote for another Republican or Democrat
                                                      but I want to ask you to consider the
                                                                  conservative position.

T: [stopping by AV] [seriously, in an attempt to make progress]
                                          What is the conservative position?

AV: [happily, having achieved his goal of reestablishing dialogue] 
                                                 Lower taxes, less spending.                                                
                                          Check the Dallas News voter guide online.  
                                                 All my positions are clearly defined.

T:                                           Less spending? Only moments ago you 
                                                    wouldn't commit to less spending.  
                                                By what principles do conservatives
                                                     define their stance per issue ?

AV:                                             Principles?  What do you mean?

[more talk blah blah blah you're a dummy, pragmatism is best, get in the real world, blah blah blah]

... and the legislature continued on as before, each individual legislator never changing himself but claiming to have worked towards changing the group.

HT: John Shuey
Bryan McAninch
Lelon Ginn

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