Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Little Know Government Agencies and Acts

Halloween Candy Consumption Act
Make The Prison Walls Higher Act
100 More Gun Laws That Thugs Will Ignore Act
Texas Raccoon Roadkill Act
Pre-Emptive Y3K Solutions Act
Presidential Presumption Act
Teach Prostitutes Massage Therapy Act
Penguin Egg Incubation Act
Soldiers and Sailors Are Saints Resolution
Defense of Jr. High Cheerleaders Act
Demons of Hell / RNC Cooperation Agreement
Democrats Pants On Fire Relief Resolution
Anyone Who Votes 'No' Hates Babies Endorsement
Saturday Night Live Is Funny When They Make Fun Of The Other Guys Allocation
My Ancestors Never Owned Slaves Petition
I'm Rubber You're Glue Statement
Food For Farmers Act
Cab Drivers And Kevlar Resolution
Husband Pleasin' Canned Beans Act
Government School Principle Recovery Act
Former Piano Tuner's Reemployment Act
The Brick Museum Construction Act
Snuff Out That Bubble Committee
Stimulus Systemic Risk Regulation Agency

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