Tuesday, March 16, 2010

I Returned My Census Form.

It wasn't difficult.  How hard can it be to write "1", stuff a postage paid envelope and drop it in the box ?


Douglas B on March 12th, 2010 9:36 am
They spent $85 million for the ‘warning’ letter.
Further, the whole pitch makes it sound like that if we comply with the Census, we’ll get our fair share of “the money”. So, if that’s the case, let’s all put down that there are 100 people living at our houses……then the money will really start pouring in…..


You always have the right to remain silent.



In 2004 I decided to redistrict Texas. I figured that if Eddie Bernice Johnson could build herself a district, maybe I could too.

Now EBJ had more and better resources than me.  She and the committee for reapportionment were working with servers and work stations and software coupled with the full force and power of the government along with the millions of dollars budgeted to the project.
I went to work with a pocket calculator, a couple of Texas maps with county lines, a Microsoft Works spreadsheet set up to quickly sum multiple numbers and the population counts of Texas counties and cities from the previous census. 

I spent 2-4 hours daily for perhaps 5 evenings playing with the arrangement of District lines.  Viola - done.
San Antonio, Houston and Dallas did not receive the full treatment of a drawn line.  They each got a post-it note saying "3 Reps" or similar.  Everything else had a line drawn - not a new line mind you but common, known lines - city limits and county limits. 

Each district was within 10,000 residents of the others or something pretty close to that. Except for the large cities mentioned, each line was a well known city or county boundary - No gerrymandering, no racial or socio-economic quotas.  Anyone could have understood where the Congressional district boundaries lay.
I did it for almost no cost.


If the federal government really wants to increase compliance with the census, it should abide by the Constitution and limit its inquiry to one simple question: How many people live here?



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