Wednesday, March 17, 2010

The Famine of 1966 Is The Anti-Famine of 2010


          Overfed Think of the Children At Risk

Congress is preparing to reauthorize the Child Nutrition Act, the legislation that determines school food fight policy. As the Act is reauthorized only once every five years, we better get to fixing this disaster now.  This is an opportunity to shape the future of school food, particularly in light of the First Lady's challenge to end childhood obesity in a generation.  Michelle Obama hates fat kids

Farmer's wanted in on the The Act because they sell a lot of boiled vegetables to government wholesalers who then force government schools to purchase them for final consumption by kids who are being told that tomato sauce is a vegetable.  In late 2009, the expiring school food program was temporarily extended through the Help Destitute Farmers and Ranchers Act otherwise the kids would starve which provides funding for several new programs, including:
  • $85 million to provide access to gruel during the summer, that time of year when the kid's parents refuse to feed them;
  • $25 to help schools purchase cafeteria equipment; and
  • $25 million to help states to automatically enroll children in the School Lunch Program because manually enrolling them was a hassle.


Secretary of Texas Chicken Ranchin' Tom Bil-Jac comments - "I strongly support a robust bill that improves program access and achieves the First Lady's goal of solving the epidemic of kids taunted with the nickname "Fats"."


"The health of our nation – indeed, our national security – depends on our children. We will not succeed if any of our children aren't learning collectivism as they should because they are hungry, and cannot achieve their potential because they aren't healthy. This act is the opportunity to improve the complexions of our children and reduce hunger of the starving masses in this country."

More information about USDA'S ( U.S. Dept. of Agriculture Subsidies ) efforts to improve child nutrition can be found at Additional information on the First Lady is here.

The Child Nutrition Act came alive in 1966 (hint: LBJ was president ) During the signing of the act, the president remarked that "Good nutrition is essential to good book learning. Now, everyone grab themselves a beer and let's get to stuffin' those ballet boxes."


Sally Struthers wants your child to dance to Feed The Children.  
This clip is from 1972.  Today Sally is .... Rubenesque.



Minnesota Fats' Slender's Daughter Sings

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