Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Did You Learn About Drowning From Watching Television ??

When law and morality contradict each other, the citizen has the cruel alternative of either losing his moral sense or losing his respect for the law. -- Frederic Bastiat


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"Big Governments make for small citizens." -- James Ronald Kennedy and Walter Donald Kennedy

"Corruption, like a cancer … eats faster and faster every hour. The revenue creates pensioners, and the pensioners urge for more revenue. The people grow less steady, spirited, and virtuous, the seekers more numerous and more corrupt, and every day increases the circles of their dependents and expectants, until virtue, integrity, public spirit, simplicity, and frugality become the objects of ridicule and scorn, and vanity, luxury, floppery, selfishness, meanness, and downright venality swallow up the whole of society." -- John Adams

"When buying and selling are controlled by legislation, the first things bought and sold are legislators." -- P. J. O'Rourke


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