Tuesday, November 10, 2009

What Can Congress Do For You ??

UPS is in a political war with FEDEX.  Both are package-delivery companies, but they're governed by totally different federal labor mandates. As a result, UPS's workforce is much more heavily unionized than FEDEX's—and more than twice as expensive.

UPS is trying to get FEDEX reclassified under the same federal mandates it is obligated to obey.  Why is UPS doing this ?

A) to screw a competitor ?

B) to lower their costs and/or raise FedEx's costs ?

C) The official document.

It makes business sense. It also reveals the real villain:

A government that is big enough to absolutely, positively guarantee it can screw any business.

I want my packages.
Let UPS and FedEx compete with products and services - Not with the graft and corruption rampant in the U.S. Congress.  Let's get the government out of the package delivery business.


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