Monday, November 9, 2009

I Rode The Bicycle To Work Without My Helmet

I was a mile down the rode towards the job before realizing I'd left the helmet laying on the kitchen floor.  I became a bit apprehensive, realizing that if a 3400 lb car crashed into the Schwinn, without the helmet I'd pretty much be toast.  Not only would most of my limbs be torn, broken, and mangled but the paramedics wouldn't be able to mop up my coconut structure with a ShamWow.  Plus, the Schwinn isn't mine, it belongs to my brother Ken.

With the helmet I'm invincible - jumping off curbs, taking shortcuts through Exall Park, cruising past stopped motorized vehicles to take the front spot at red lights.

This freewheelin', freedom loving, never care, never say die attitude is in my past.  All I've got before me now is a jail term. Bread and water, washin' socks for Bruno, bein' somebody's bitch.  Damn I'm gonna miss work.

My cop dissin', evil, and disgraceful activities might someday be listed at Dallas County's top five wanted list.

Do you notice something about these Pretty Boy Floyd wannabees ? 
None of them are wanted for assault, theft, or murder - at least it isn't listed on the front page. Are these evil doers armed and dangerous ?  Not important.

What is important is the balance, the bottom line, the total.
  They're wanted because they owe Dallas County money.


                                                          Joel Israel Green

Assault - Nah
   Theft - Nope
                                Fraud - Dallas County Government is committing                           more fraud than Joel Green

Not Paying Us The Money We Say He Owes Us
 to the tune of $19,554.60
"That's more like it"

To top off my frustration, I've got to put a damper on all the stunts.
Lord only knows what trouble I'll cause if I ever get the motorcycle out of the shop.

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