Wednesday, June 23, 2010


                LAMAR STREET BLUES

Episode 129:174 in which a new Republican Unit is formed.

0700 : Dallas Cop HQ : Shift Briefing (npi)

 Briefing Sarge aka Tough Cop :  "Okay, listen up Dallas Cops.  We've got some new rules handed down from the Grand Old Party..... so I'm gonna need some volunteers.  Any Republicans show up for work today ??"

Briefing Sarge aka Tough Cop : "Excellent, way to show that team spirit, all for one, one for all, what's mine is yours, what was yours is now mine.  Here's the skinny.  All You Republicans are now on a special tactical, maneuverable, strategic, spontaneous, calculatin', double-secret-probation unit -

                       SODOMY SQUAD

The Chief, the Governor, the Mayor and the City of Dallas are counting on you.
Get out there and arrest one of those law-breakin', criminal, sodomizers."

 - Cheers from the Republican Chorus -   "Yeah"
                                                        "Gonna get me a homo."
                                                         "We need the revenue."


Sergeantski Stan Jablonski:     "Let's do it to them before they do it to us."

Briefing Sarge aka Tough Cop :  "This is part of the 2010 Texas Republican Platform so everyone's got to do their part.

Remember to concentrate on criminals - Don't get distracted by big boobs....

or athletic legs.  Always be AWARE.  These people can be dangerous.

Hey, let's be careful out there. "


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