Wednesday, May 19, 2010

John Jay Myers Makes Ron Paul Look Like A Yes Man

Mr. Myers, what would you do about the banks ?
Mr. Myers, what about the car companies ?
What is your plan for government health care ?
What about helping out the insurance companies by forcing everyone to buy insurance?
Mr. Myers, should gay marriage be legal or illegal ?
What about the War on drugs ?
The federal reserve ?
Should we deploy 20,000 or 60,000 more troops to Afghanistan?
Department of transportation ?
Department of energy ?
Agriculture? Commerce? Education ?
Income tax ?
Patriot Act ?
Social security ? medicaid ? medicare?
Ask these questions and more

Join the Dallas County Libertarians and others for a Liber-Tea!

There  will be free hot dogs, music (Eddie Allen will kick off the night), fun and who knows what else! The  event is free of charge, but many of the sponsors will be accepting  donations.

Saturday May 22nd from 6:00-9:00 (with more fun later)

                            John Jay Myers' House /
                                  4440 Lawnview Ave
                                   Dallas, TX 75227
                                     469 939 7141

Meet and learn more about freedom loving candidates from the Dallas  area, regardless of party affiliation. We are lining up great speakers  now, (don't forget the music and fun!)

What this event is about:
- Ending the Wars & supporting the troops
- Ending the corporatism in Washington
- Ending the ties to banks
- Washington Ending the war on drugs
- Obeying the Constitution
- Promoting freedom for all Americans to be able to live their lives as  they please, free from as much government intervention as possible.

Come out and grab a hot dog, learn about freedom and have a good  time! If you want to support any of the candidates or groups.... bring  your check book!

See you there!

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