Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Ergogenic Aids - Not Just For High School Football Players

For Officer Boyce of the Dallas Police Department.  
Maybe if you take some testosterone you'll have as much as your partner.

Texas high school steroid testing survives budget cuts.  

Police not being blood tested for hormone replacement.


"'Roid rage ?  Not at all.  Cops NEED extra hormones. ( to be sufficiently aggressive to shoot 7 year old girls.) "

"Dallas Cops, Please raid my club and FRISK ME."

"Yes, Sir, You said some high school athletes might be trying to enhance their performance.  That's illegal.  I'll contact the Texas legislature, the Texas Department of Education, the U.S. DEA, Rick Perry, and the police of Fort Worth, Arlington, and Dallas.  No child should be able to get away with this crime."

"Would you get into the back of my squad car, PLEASE."

"Do you know what will happen if you go to prison ?  Let me show you."

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