Wednesday, April 14, 2010

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"The tendency of all strong governments has always been to suppress liberty, partly in order to ease the processes of rule, partly from sheer disbelief in innovation."
-- John A. Hobson (1858-1940)
Source: Free Thought in the Social Sciences, 1926

"In its narrowest acceptation, order means obedience. A government is said to preserve order if it succeeds in getting itself obeyed." -- John Stuart Mill
(1806-1873) English philosopher and economist
Source: Considerations on Representative Government, 1861

"The Press was protected so that it could bare the secrets of the government and inform the people. Only a free and unrestrained press can effectively expose deception in government. And paramount among the responsibilities of a free press is the duty to prevent any part of the government from deceiving the people." -- Justice Hugo L. Black
(1886-1971) US Supreme Court Justice
Source: New York Times v. Unites States (Pentagon Papers) 1971


I don't know what the office pays for these.  I left the gel pen and now I'm an RSVP convert.  I can write with it intermittently all day w/o fatigue.  Smooth, legible, large enough for a man -  Maybe it's only me, but trying to write with one of those skinny pens drives me batty.
Some writers prefer a click pen but I'm happy with the cap on the RSVP.  Best of all, when it stops writing, I'm always pleasantly surprised to verify visually No Ink In The Barrel.  Try the medium in black but other colors are available.


this was in my spam box. I had to click a button to see the images.  

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