Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Boiling Frogs

Once upon a time a group of frogs lived happily but then the temperature of the water was slowly raised.  At first, the frogs were slightly uncomfortable but the frogs reasoned, inaccurately, that this higher temperature was a necessary burden to bear for the good of all frogs. 

Later the water was heated even more and while the frogs found that they had to swim faster and longer, they still resolutely bore the burden with dignity. Soon the majority of the frogs' life was simply the effort necessary to survive water temperatures much higher than nature intended for frogs to thrive in.

After the temperature was raised yet again some of the frogs began to complain.    While some of the frogs said, "Stay the course", "Everything will be okay", "Hot water is good for frogs", other frogs said, "We've got to get the temperature down so that we can be frogs and not frog soup."  Some of the younger frogs were confused by the arguing, having spent their entire lives in the overheated water, never experiencing true, natural temperatures.

After the water temperature was raised again the frogs began to boil.  They grabbed the guy who kept adding heat to the water and held him under until he adjusted his attitude.  They made him realize that he could heat his water as hot as he wanted, but he had no right to make soup of other frogs in the process.


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