Tuesday, January 12, 2010

The Humble Electric Blanket - Tool For Longevity


Sleep - along with breathing and eating, one of the primary aspects of our existence -

So important that nature has us spend a third of our lives in this lovely state.  I say lovely because sleep is wondrous, the dream period when we know we can lay down our tired bodies and minds to wake for continued and new challenges.

Scientific research into sleep has made small progress into the mystery.  We still only speculate about most characteristics of this human essentiality.

Cool or even cold ambient temperatures seem to enhance sleep, while warm ambient temperatures can make sleep difficult.  Not so with our body temperature.  We like it warm under the night covers.  

Kansas State University offers this tip regarding room and body temperature.

Room temperature

Sleep in a cool room (60 degrees or so). Pile on another blanket or add one under the mattress pad rather than turn up the heat. A physician I know used this principle while in medical school; he kept an air conditioner on in his room all year. He said it helped him sleep better so that he needed less sleep. You don't need to go to such extremes, but do keep it cool.

The Electric Blanket - God's gift to human ingenuity, moving humanity from the misery of cold to warmth akin to love .  An electric blanket allows ambient coolness but provides bodily warmth without a ponderous mass of blankets saddling us like a pack mule.  The rheostat (or two rheostats, one per side, for large blankets) allows the user(s) to fine tune their warmth needs.

Electricity costs are minor.  A full sized blanket will use around $15 worth of electricity per winter. 
Sleep - warm, restful sleep - priceless.

Sleep is growth.  Growth is repair.  Repair is thriving.  Hinder growth and the result is a body in decay. The blessing of the electric blanket ... long life and health.

Use an electric blanket during the winter month's and you will sleep well so that your body will repair itself.  Thank man's ingenuity and progress -  and be prepared to live a long, long time.

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