Friday, January 15, 2010

House - Need To Know - Season 2 Episode 11

  • I hunted and hunted but couldn't find a vidclip.
  • Oncologist Dr. Wilson is House's friend.

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    House knocking on the door to Wilson's office:" I know you're in there. I can hear you caring." [After getting no response, House goes around to a side door to enter from the balcony] "The door was locked."
    Wilson, barely looking up while rolling a joint: "Means I didn't want to see anyone."
    House, noting what Wilson is doing: "High school reunion?"
    Wilson: "It's for a patient. She can't roll. Now lock that door, too."
    House: "Paranoia. Must be the good stuff. Times like these I wish I had cancer. So what did she say?"
    Wilson: "That depends. What did you do, and who are we talking about?"
    House: "We both know that as soon as we talked you ran to Stacy so you could gossip and giggle. I need to know what she said."
    Wilson: "I have a crazy idea: why don't you go talk to her?"
    House: "Because my bestest buddy says that could lead to trouble."
    Wilson: "She sounds confused, but I dont' think she is. I think she's waiting for you to do something to show her you're serious."
    House: "Wow. It's a big jump from infidelity is morally wrong to 'do her'."
    Wilson: "I didn't say 'do her'. I said do something."
    House: "What exactly did she say?"
    Wilson: "She didn't say it was a mistake."
    House: "She's not gonna leave Mark in the middle of his rehab. Too much guilt."
    Wilson: "She left you."
    House: "Harsh toke, dude." (When leaving House tries to take one of the joints but Wilson notices and makes him put it back.)

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