Wednesday, January 6, 2010

The Elevator Repairman Is From Iran

I don't even know his name.  His English and my skills of understanding don't mesh perfectly so I had some difficulty communicating with him.

Mr. Repairman comes to the building to maintain the elevator.  He's a bit shy but also friendly.  We have the elevator key and the control room is in our rented part of the building so he comes to see us whenever he parks his work truck out front to perform elevator maintenance.

I offered him use of our facilities, coffee, and the leftover, complimentary, holiday candy.  Needless to say, Tim wants that elevator pristine.

I started talking with him while I fired up a fresh pot of joe. When I asked where he was from he hesitantly replied, "From Iran". 

His mother still lives in Iran and doesn't want to leave her homeland to come to America.  He grew up during the Iran/Iraq war, attending school with bombs flying overhead and often without a teacher.  He loves his homeland and the people but wishes for them and the rest of the world to be free.  He deplores the recent violence used to suppress demonstrators.

I asked about the Iranian government's desire for nuclear material.  "They're liars.  They want to build bombs to destroy America and destroy Israel."

These are pictures of the Iran he loves followed by pictures of the Iran he hates.

It's a tough life we've been given.  May we all do our best. 



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