Monday, September 14, 2009

William Manchester

Vanity Fair article about William Manchester, commissioned by Robert F. Kennedy and Jacqueline Kennedy to

"write the authorized account of the assassination. He felt he couldn’t refuse her. Two years later, nearly broken by the task, Manchester found himself fighting a bitter, headline-making battle with Jackie and Bobby Kennedy over the finished book."


from Wikipedia:
Manchester's original manuscript is held at Wesleyan University under "extremely restricted use" and, according to his son John, the Kennedy family has permitted the book to go out of print.[2]

from Vanity Fair
"...a full-page advertisement had appeared the day of the assassination in The Dallas Morning News accusing Kennedy of making a secret deal with the Communist Party; when it was shown to the president, he was appalled. He turned to Jacqueline, who was visibly upset, and said, “Oh, you know, we’re heading into nut country today.” Manchester discovered that in a wealthy Dallas suburb, when told that President Kennedy had been murdered in their city, the students in a fourth-grade class burst into applause."

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