Tuesday, September 22, 2009

How To Create World Peace

Video and One Act Play - Twice the fun !!

I"ve been thinking about this video. Is it correct ?

It would work if we all did this.  Unfortunately, not everyone is as fun as this guy suggests we be.  If that is what he's suggesting ?

I have taken one step in this direction.  I've pledged only to war in A) self-defense.  
There is no B.

Perhaps this pledge from each of us is what it will take to Create World Peace.



Exonerated (Freud) Exalted Leader

<Exalted adj. --  Exaggerated; inflated: He has an exalted sense of his importance to the project.>

Gentlemen, lock and load, We're crossing the river to destroy the Far Bank of The River People.
Crowd of Our Bank of the River People (several speaking) : Huh ?  
What ?  
What did you say ?
Are you sure about this ?
EL: They insulted us.  They yelled across that water that Our God is dead.  Muster for attack.
Man1 in Crowd:  I never heard them yell.
Man2:  Wha'd they say ?
Man3: Are they coming to get us ?
Man4: "Our" God ? 
EL: To protect ourselves, we must fight them.  Anyone not on board is a dreamer, nothing but a dreamer, and will always and forever be nothing but a dreamer and not so patriotic as my your schools taught you to be. 
Man5: Let's go.  They got a great lemon orchard .... and goats.  They've got goats.
Man1: Hmmmm
Man2: Hmmmmmm
Man3: Hmmmmmmmmm.........They sure got some pretty ladies.
Man1:  How do You.. know they're "Ladies" ?
Man2:  Have you been over there ?
Man3 only smiles mysteriously <

EL: We're almost out of lemons !!

Man6:  Is Our God dead ?

EL: Our God is ALIVE and HE WILL LEAD US !!

Stay Tuned for more history, written by the survivors winners.>

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