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You'se got two choices. 'Give me money and I give you this product' OR 'Give me money'

Extortion? Naw, couldn't be.
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Daytime Juvenile Curfew
The Dallas Police Department The truant officers are incompetent? will begin enforcing a daytime juvenile curfew as of August 24, 2009, the first day of classes for area government public schools.
Gotta be stressful. On the same day we send kids back to the internment camps AND the daytime curfew becomes effective.

What it means for students…

The ordinance, adopted by the City Council in May, prohibits students under age 17 We can't legally control adults yet from being in a public place or non-public business doesn't the smoking ordinance define all businesses as public? between 9:00 a.m. and 2:30 p.m. when school is in session. Violators will be returned to the reservation school, and can be given a citation if REO want to deal with the hassle. The Class C misdemeanor carries a maximum fine of $500 this'll show Mom and Dad who's boss. Teens in school
What it means for everyone I don't think so

The ordinance has three aims:
  1. Keep students in school where they belong Disagree. School sucks.
  2. Protect minors from becoming victims of crime "Hey, I've got an idea. Let's lock up the good guys to protect them from the bad guys." "Ooley, You're a genius."
  3. Protect the public from juvenile offenders "Why didn't you just say so. You're locking up potential criminals, kinda like that movie."
How will it work?

Upon encountering a possible violator, the police officer Judge, Jury, Executioner is obliged to determine if the student has a legitimate versus illegitimate reason to be off campus, as allowed in the ordinance. For example, the student’s school may not be in session, or the student is on an approved field trip or he's playing hooky because government schools suck. If one of the numerous exceptions applies, and no other reason exists to detain the student, he or she is free to go.
Recognizing that the goal is to change truant behavior, City of Dallas prosecutors plan to recommend to the courts that most minors and their parents or guardians be given the opportunity to take relevant courses or workshops in lieu of paying a fine. It wasn't enough to let this be an issue for school's and parents. Now the City Council has added the District Attorney and the Courts into this. Forget about getting your stolen property back, the DA is chasing a couple of kids who cut classes to see the President. Of course this is nothing new - government schools are just an extension of the Court/Prosecution system.

Owners, operators or employees of a business can also be cited for knowingly allowing a minor to be on the premises during curfew hours. Violators will be warned first, and only cited after repeat offenses. I could be in trouble when a kid walks into my place of work ??

Find out more about the daytime curfew...

Or call 311, the City of Dallas Customer Service Helpline.

Another example of the Jeenyusss of the Dallas City Council.

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