Thursday, August 20, 2009

President and Mrs. Grover Cleveland

I can almost here his Mother calling the lad home for supper, "Steeeeephen Groooooover!"
He grew up to be Sheriff (and executioner) of Erie County New York, Mayor of Buffalo, Governor, and President.
This guy totally rocked facial hair and the bow tie in addition to marrying his buddy's daughter in the White House. Very cool. Cleveland lost his reelection bid but it was the lovely Mrs. Cleveland,

who channeled a young Douglas MacArthur and said, "We shall return".
Read below the President's 1887 message to Congress regarding the Texas Seed Bill. He tells them 'No', 'No', and 'take some of the charity you've already been given and distribute it to the Texas farmers. This way you will have to be an adult and explain your actions to your own constituents.'
Grove makes me proud.

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