Thursday, June 21, 2012

Life in These Satellite States

Wake Work Watch Shut Up Do What You're Told We Do Why Can't You ??


Several years ago, circa 20??, I visited a Bank of America store in Dallas to make a deposit.  Specifically, to create a second account with them, a retirement account of some sort. I held in my pocket a bit over ten thousand dollars that I had originally accumulated in a previous positions 401k.

I laid the money, in the form of a Cashier's Check, before the banker and proceeded to answer questions -
                             Standard or Roth?        - Check
                             Married or Single?         - Check
                             Dollars or Pesos?          - Check
                             Ginger or Mary Ann?     - Czech

"Beneficiary ??"
   " _______, my niece"

"Her birth date ??"
   "XX-XX-XXXX, She's seven :)."
"A minor :)"

"Address ??"
   "XXX XXXX St., Texas."

"Social ??"
   "Not so much now but we're hoping that'll change when she becomes a teenager." :{}

"Do you know your niece's Social Security Number ??"
   "No I do not."

pushes phone towards me
"Telephone her guardian for the number."
   "Why do you need her social security number ??"
"It is required if she is to be your beneficiary."
   "Why do you need her social security number ??"
retrieves phone, dials number, speaks into phone, extends phone to me
"Speak to our Legal Department, they'll explain the necessity."
   "Tim Lebsack speaking, Why do you require the Social Security number of an account beneficiary ??"
"Mr. Lebsack, it's important that we have the Social Security number to insure identification of the beneficiary.
   "I'm providing her name, current address, birth date and parent's information."
"Her Social is required."
"No ??"
   "No." hangs up telephone receiver

"We cannot open the account without your designated beneficiary's Social Security Number."
   picks up money  "Your call."


I have pondered this encounter with Bank of America many times and now realize why BOA chose this way - Power.

"They are in charge of us We are in charge you They make the rules We must follow We make the rules You must follow Damn Your lack of faith We comply You comply That is the Agreement We made You must also agree."

     Frustrating is it not, 
          When someone won't 
Take what you call a gift, 
            When people are individuals??

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