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Conservatism? Who Needs It?

this is getting too easy.  John Hawkins, You are the man.


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Twenty Things this Conservative Believes     by John Hawkins

I still do not know what a Conservative is.  People say to me "Conservatives believe in smaller government".  When asked to present proof, they cannot.

   John Hawkins

John Hawkins is a professional blogger who runs Right Wing News 

1) Any illegal alien caught in this country should be forever barred from legally visiting this country, working here, or becoming an American citizen.
Why?  You have no ethical, moral or philosophical reason for this.  You are wanting to be punitive because you created the problem you're addressing.

2) If you take welfare or food stamps or if your kids have to get free meals at school, you should be ashamed. Your kids should feel ashamed by your failure, too.
HAWKINS ! - This is downright rude!  No one needing financial assistance or lacking food should feel shame. Embarrassed, uncomfortable, exasperated - yes, Not ashamed.
Those that should be ashamed are those who are charitable with other people's assets, like Democrats and Republicans. In addition to being unconstitutional, this is Wrong.

3) There is no such thing as a conflict between Christianity and science or a reason for any Christian to have his religious beliefs override any conclusions that he'd reach by simply following the science. Any and all apparent conflicts between science and God are just a result of our limited human understanding. If there was evolution, God chose that path. If the world was created by a "Big Bang," God set it in motion.
Okay - Still not sure what conservatism has to do with religion or why so many conservatives and Muslims want to foist religion.

4) William Bennett once said it was "morally plausible" to execute drug dealers. I agree with him. I'd also like to see the death penalty expanded to cover rape and child molestation as well.
Maybe I'd like to execute the creator's of malevolent computer code -  "Morally plausible", Mr. Bennett/Hawkins?
Why do you want to kill some plant merchants?  You don't buy his product.  You do not want anyone else to buy his product. Is it necessary, because some disagree with you, to bring DEATH into the equation.  How weak is your argument?  

5) It's unlikely to ever happen, but we'd be much better off in this country if the voting age were 25 and only people who paid income tax could vote.
I'd prefer that only land-owning, white males could vote, but I'll settle for repealing the 16th, 17th and 26th Amendments to the Constitution.

6) All people except the poor should be paying enough in taxes to cover all the services they receive from the government each year. If they don't want to pay that much, then we should cut government down to a level that they think is worth paying.
You're certainly not the typical conservative claimant!  Most do not have any desire for pay-as-you-go.  Who are the poor?  Okay, we'll let you decide.
Hawkins, News Flash - The government should not provide any services that the free market could provide.  Government has one purpose - To protect your rights.  Tell that to your fellow conservatives.
7) On average, government workers should make less than people who do the same jobs in private industry.
Government workers should be the employees of contractors hired to do the job.  When the job is done, it is done. Government workers pay rate should be determined by the free market.

8) Government workers also shouldn't be allowed to unionize. The Democrats give the government unions more taxpayer money and the unions take part of that money and use it to campaign for the Democrats, who then promise to give them more money in return. It's nothing but the Democratic Party and the unions collaborating against the taxpayers.
No one should work for the government.   Government "jobs" should be contract labor.
This will solve your problem with the Democrats, get the task completed and follow the Constitution.

9) Ninety nine times out of a hundred when someone cries racism, it's either a lame excuse or a political tactic. 
The idea of race is a man-made concept. Stop using the word. Ignore it. 

10) If you're a Christian, then your faith requires you to oppose gay marriage.
Should be irrelevant to political argument. Remove government from the marriage industry. Government should be protecting freedom of association and freedom of contract, not defining it.

11) I wish the best for people everywhere, but I'm not a citizen of the world. I'm an American and our country comes first.
"Our country"? I'm a Texan and Texans come first in this voluntary confederation of independent states. Do you wish to force me to comply? Would you attack? 

12) The biggest threat to America's future isn't Al-Qaeda, China, or Iran; it's our own government spending so much money that it bankrupts the country.
Agreed.  Do you advocate ending the Federal Reserve, putting Government money on an  elemental standard and downsizing the national government to that level agreed upon in the Constitution? Please don't be one of those all-talk-conservatives.
13) If you sue someone and lose, you should have to pay his legal bills.
Might be a good idea.  Try it in your state and if it works for you, I'm sure you'll see plenty of similar ideas being implemented in the other states.

14) Hand counting ballots is LESS ACCURATE than machine counting them and it allows human beings to manipulate the results of the election with arbitrary counting standards.
I agree that hand counting is less accurate than machine counting. It must be a weakness in my understanding of arithmetic but I did not know of more than one counting standard.
Perhaps if the Democrats and Republicans did not by pass laws restricting political participation by smaller parties and individuals, innovative election processes would be introduced that would make fast, accurate voting possible from precinct to state?

15) People who think black Americans are too stupid and incompetent to handle getting a voter ID are just as racist as the KKK, although they show it differently.
If a county or state wants to require voter ID's, allow that county or state to decide.  Stop calling for abuse of power by the national government.  
The government has zero need to describe black, green, blue, white, tall, short, or flaming homosexual Americans - We are just Americans.  Stop creating problems by categorizing people.  It's difficult enough when the neighbor does this. Why should government be doing this?

16) If public universities want to hire terrorists and communists to teach their classes, harass Christians, push around Republican groups, and bring in liberal speakers, but not conservatives, then state legislators should cut off their taxpayer funding until they behave.
Yes, and taxpayers should cut off funds to the legislators whenever legislators get out of line.  The education industry would be much improved if government at all levels discontinued their belief that they are better at meeting people's needs than educators.
How hard is this to understand, Hawkins?

17) We don't need to get religion out of politics; we need to get more religion in politics. The politicians certainly don't seem to have any qualms about stepping into areas better left to the church; so pastors have to be willing to encourage their flocks to vote their values to protect themselves from a rapacious government.
Do you really want this, Hawkins?
Okay, How much less intrusive should government be?  How much self-governance are you willing to exercise and allow? Show me some conservatism!

18) The whole purpose of our immigration system should be to benefit the Americans who are already here. Therefore, we should favor the best and brightest emigrants from Western cultures. Other immigrants to this country who get in because of family ties should have someone who's willing to vouch for them and take care of them if they have hard times. No naturalized American citizens should ever be eligible for food stamps, welfare, school lunches, or any other hand-outs from their fellow citizens.
The immigration method should be simplified, simplified, simplified.  If your peaceful and productive, Welcome.
Are you willing, Hawkins, to remove government from the charity industry?  If not, You will pass the problem you describe to your Great-Grand Children.

19) You can no more change your sex than you can change from a human being into a Water Buffalo. Believing otherwise is a mental disorder that should be handled by a psychologist, not catered to with surgery. A doctor wouldn't cut off a healthy person's leg if he asked or cut out part of someone's brain because a voice in his head wanted it and sex change operations shouldn't be done either.
You still think you can control people.  Is that conservatism?

20) People who've served time in prison for committing a felony may have been punished, but they haven't "paid their debt to society." Repaying their debt would require them to be rehabilitated and to fully compensate their victims, which isn't even possible in some cases. Additionally, even if society forgives, it shouldn't forget. There's no way a felon should ever have the right to vote, own a gun, or teach children among other activities.
Every crime has a victim.  No victim, no crime.  The guilty party should compensate the victim of the victim's family.  Rehabilitation should be self-imposed.
Their is no "debt to society". Society is a concept. Individuals are not a concept.  They live.
Don't want someone teaching your children?  Don't let them.

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