Wednesday, January 5, 2011

It Is Time To Re-Move Our Texas Capitol

In ancient times, governors fortified themselves against the threat of being deposed by creating a capitol city.

Choosing a capitol city has always been motivated more by politics than logistics.

It is time to Re-Move our Texas capitol
Each Texas Legislature will meet in a different location in private, rented rooms.

Modern communications technology has made available anywhere in Texas any document pertinent to the legislature.

rivate building owners would competitively bid to host a legislature ensuring that the taxpayers get the best deal possible.

Austin and Central Texas would lose political clout.  Texas would gain, not political power but individual power and freedom, because the primary purpose of becoming a capitol-free state is to eliminate the concentration of power.

Some Rules to Keep Things Honest
Only private entities could host a legislature.  No governmental entity could bid and no taxes could be used to promote a potential host.  Eligible hosts would include individuals, companies, corporations, hoteliers, restaurateurs, etc.

While a single host company might be welcome to bid successively, the Texas legislature would be restricted from meeting more than once in any hosting region (county or municipality) during any century.
ie. - Houston in 2020, Van Zandt County in 2022, Euless in 2024, Marfa in 2026, Vernon in 2028.

Any region acting as legislative host would allow the regional citizens easier participation in the political process while enjoying the gain and prestige associated with the legislature's meeting.  The next legislature would spread these benefits to another region of Texas.

Legislator's would be less able to ignore the residents of the state because most or all of them would be in temporary quarters during the session.  They wouldn't be able to go home and lock the door.  Each voting district would pay the expenses of it's Senators and Representatives.

The novelty of the legislature meeting in a new location would invigorate the office holder's relationships to Texans.  Neutral territory would distribute social power so that legislators would be more responsive to their constituents.

The state will own less property, hence becoming more secure.

Does this action mean that the Texas capitol "floats"?
No. This action means that Texas DOES NOT HAVE A CAPITOL.

Would not a legislature's host be able to unduly influence the legislators ?
                                         A permanent capitol creates permanent temptations for any legislature.  Any host might attempt to entice a legislator into criminal activity but current laws would still deter bad legislators from criminality.

Where would the governor office?
Office space would be leased near the governor-elects home before each transfer. 
No governor would move to Austin to reside in a so-called Governor's Mansion.

What do we do with the capitol building(s) and land ?
Sell them.

Why we should not do this


The documents required of the government cannot easily be transported.

We need a building to represent our history, power, status, strength, solidarity.

The bureaucracies would function inefficiently without the presence of the legislature.

Quorum might be difficult if some legislators refuse to attend any particular session due to the sessions geographic location.

No one or even all of these reasons is/are strong enough to deny this action.

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