Wednesday, October 21, 2009

I sent this email today to the Dallas Peace Center

--- On Wed, 10/21/09, tim lebsack wrote:

From: tim lebsack
Subject: Question regarding your philosophy
Date: Wednesday, October 21, 2009, 11:52 AM

As a libertarian, one who believes in non-aggression,
"The fundamental axiom of libertarian theory is that no one may threaten or commit violence ("aggress") against another man's person or property. Violence may be employed only against the man who commits such violence; that is, only defensively against the aggressive violence of another."

I am curious about the Dallas Peace Center's view of this essay

Peace and the "Peace Prize"

by Ben O'Neill.

Some quotes by Mr. O'Neill -
"Real peace requires not merely the absence of large-scale military conflicts, but also the absence of aggression in domestic affairs concerning individual citizens."

"Unfortunately, many of the so-called "peace activists" celebrated for their opposition to wars are hostile to the very social system that would ensure a genuine and lasting peace. In fact, these "peace activists" are not in favor of peace at all. They are merely opposed to certain large-scale military operations."

I thank you for your thoughtful response.

       Tim Lebsack

Libertarians believe that each person owns his own life and property, and has the right to make his own choices as to how he lives his life - as long as he simply respects the same right of others to do the same.

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