Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Condensing the Austin American-Statesman

the complete article can be read here
Central Texas students' absences cost districts millions

My condensed version below.

 Central Texas students' absences cost districts millions

Central Texas school districts are being denied unearned money because of their inability to drive human behavior.

"They can't learn unless they're sitting in class," blatantly lied Amy Wiseman, senior research associate for the project.

Improving Increasing Compelling attendance brings money to those who run the schools.

Absences might also be an indicator of poor academic performance. Ya think???

A few local districts have started campaigns to increase attendance rates force people aka S-L-A-V-E-R-Y to do something the would rather not do. 

"As early as fifth grade kids aren't coming to school", said Paul Cruz, chief schools officer. "That's where the intervention comes in.  It never crosses our minds that compulsory schooling sucks and that even an eleven year old can discern this fact."

"There's no question that the money component is a factor because everyone LOVES free money ... but it can't be emphasized enough that until we get them here, we don't have a shot at educating them and without ME, no one would be educated :))."

We keep a lot of statistics separating the kids by race because racial separation is a major part of our programing educating of the kids.

Get Schooled also hires celebrities to convince kids to pick cotton attend government schools.

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