Monday, September 12, 2011

New House Foundation Repair

Our pre-purchase inspector found a small gray water leak in drainage pipes beneath the master bath sink. Moisture had damaged some load bearing wood between the piers and the floor. We took a credit on closing costs and moved in a few weeks later.

555 took a snow day to oversee the repair. The crew arrived early, worked like slaves adult, family men being paid a fair wage and were very grateful that 555 provided pitchers of ice water. It was one of the hottest days of the 2011 summer. They replaced damaged joists and sills and also replaced all of the original wooden shims with modern steel shims.

 The men entered the crawl space through an interior closet manhole. This vent was opened to pass tools, shims, lumber and electrical cords.  Several plants were temporarily moved. I'm pleasantly surprised that they've re-established themselves.  These guys were pros.

These bags are filled with trash removed from the crawl space - old shims, wet wood, old concrete castings and other debris.  A clean crawl space makes a safe and happy house.  My front lawn took a beating that day.

555 asked a worker to hold a piece of the damaged wood for a picture.  Now I'm wishing we'd saved this relic - I would tell people I'd smuggled it from Mount Ararat.



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