Friday, April 1, 2011

Kitchen Remodel

You can't have it all, at least not in my current rental. 

My rental house has a stove/oven, natch, and I've acquired a clothers dryer.

Here's the difficulty:
The only 220V outlet is in the kitchen and I have not enough room for both appliances.  Sophie has to make a choice.

I've moved the landlord's stove/oven to the back porch beneath a blanket ie., it's in storage, not in use.  

The new clothes dryer has replaced the stove in the kitchen.

Now I'll be able to dry clothes at home after washing at the Rent-A-River.

Cooking will proceed with the  microwaves, bread ma-cheen, toaster ovens, convection oven, rice cooker, electric griddle, crock pot  and a small 110V electric burner(npi).

I've also got the propane grill and the smoker outdoors.

That's my home-made cutting board and kitchen towels on top of the dryer. I've got more work-space!!

The crock pot and the bottom of the counter-top convection oven can be seen in the upper right.  

Thanks, Roy, for helping with the heavy moving. Grab yourself a beer.

The electric beer cooler is in the other room behind the desk and the filing cabinet.  Push the chair out of your way.

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