Tuesday, December 22, 2009

A Quick Glance At The Headlines - Tuesday December 22, 2009

Forbes - The World's Most Powerful People 2009
1    Parasite/Pawn
2    Parasite
3    Parasite
4    Parasite/Pawn
5    Merchants
6    Merchant
7    Merchant
8    Merchant
9    Slave Owner
10  Merchant
11  Nobility
12  Merchant/Politician
13  Merchant
14  Venture Capitalist
15  Parasite
37  Terrorist
39  Nobility
40  Terrorist
41  Merchant
45  Entertainer/Nobility
49  Jurist

Republicans Denounce "Democrats Hands In The Till"
Sen. Christopher J. Dodd, D-Conn., requested the provision, hoping that the University of Connecticut would win the money.
"The taxpayers of Kentucky are not excited about having to underwrite the special deals that were apparently made for Nebraska, Vermont, and, Massachusetts,"
"You will find a number of states are treated differently than other states, That's what legislation is all about. It's compromise." explained Neo-Marxist Reid.
Next week - Democrats Denounce "Republicans Hands In The Till"

Celebrity Deaths Had Heavy Impact In 2009 
Nothing like a celebrity for emotional impact.

Plants Protest Vegetarianism  

Ear For Ear, Nose For Nose - Welcome To Islamabad
One of the men wanted to marry her, but she refused, Jahangir said. They mutilated her "to set an example," he said. 

Free Nobel Prize With Every Oil Change


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